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GFRC for Architects

  • When implementing unique architectural designs, this method becomes the most plausible approach to applying the façade.
  • The method allows for implementing the most complex forms in the façade.
  • A variety of colors, textures, forms and geometrical designs can be incorporated into the façade.
  • Meshed, embossed, and curved façade designs can be produced in various sizes and dimensions.
  • Numerous forms such as Iranian, Islamic, parametric, and postmodern can be produced and executed.
  • Light refraction can be used to revolutionize interior design and architecture while also controlling the internal environment’s temperature.
  • Incorporating various lighting schemes can make the structure look grand even at night.
  • Constructing large panels becomes a possibility.
  • It is harmonious with other materials such as stones and bricks.
  • Natural materials, including stones and bricks, can be pre-made.
  • Frames and flashings can be produced and executed accurately.

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