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How is the price of GRC facade (GRC-GFRC) calculated?

GRC facade (GRC-GFRC) is one of the types of prefabricated facades, which has become very popular and well-known among architects, engineers and investors in the country in the last decade due to its unique features. GRC-GFRC parts are produced after a complex engineering process and installed on the facade using bolt and nut details.

1– Reproducibility

GRC panels (GRC-GFRC) are custom-made and prefabricated. The production of these panels is based on mold making. Since designing and making a mold is a time-consuming and expensive process, therefore, if repeatable elements are used in the design of a facade, the costs of producing parts will be reduced.

2- Engineering design and process

GRC facade (GRC-GFRC) follows a completely engineering process. In this engineering process, mechanical characteristics and optimal dimensions are calculated based on shell engineering, and therefore the materials used in the construction of parts are optimized. Since the materials used in GRC (GRC-GFRC) are expensive, optimizing the volume of materials will significantly reduce the total costs of the GRC-GFRC facade.

3- The size of the facade

As mentioned before, GRC panels (GRC-GFRC) are produced using custom molds. Therefore, if the surface area of ​​GRC (GRC-GFRC) is enough to make the maximum use of the built molds, it will reduce the cost of producing parts.

4- Dimensions and geometry of panels

GRC parts (GRC-GFRC) can be produced in very large dimensions and complex geometric forms. The way of substructure and details of installation of parts are chosen based on the form of the facade, and subsequently, the increase in dimensions and the complexity of the geometry of the parts will lead to heavier substructure and increase in related costs.

5- Installation method and details

Various methods have been suggested for the installation of GRC-GFRC parts based on international regulations. The selection of the appropriate detail is based on the limitations, available facilities and calculation requirements, and the correct selection of the installation detail can have a significant impact on reducing the costs of substructure and installation of GRC-FRC parts.

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