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Alawieh Residential Complex

Alawieh Residential Complex

Alawieh project is a large residential complex built by Mashhad municipality. This project includes several hundred residential units in two-story buildings. Considering the nobles passing inside the houses in the initial design, the employer decided to cover the perimeter wall of the courtyard of the residential units with a semi-mesh wall in order to provide the necessary privacy for the interior space of the houses in addition to the beauty, and at the same time, the courtyards of the houses also have enough light. Mobtakeran Beton co. has covered the mentioned spaces with a half-grid panel design using GFRC with dimensions of 120 x 210 cm, whose form is derived from Iranian-Islamic architecture. These panels make the overall atmosphere of the complex more beautiful and pleasant, and at the same time, the residents and users of the houses enjoy the necessary peace and privacy.

Location: Mashhad

Client: Mashhad Municipality

Year: 2019-2020

Services: Engineering, Design, Production And Implementation Of Facade


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