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Awqaf Commercial And Administrative Building

Awqaf Commercial And Administrative Building

Awqaf commercial and administrative building located on Ghazi Tabatabai Street was built in 2016 by the Technical Deputy of Awqaf Administration. The facade of this project includes frames with the special symbol of the Awqaf Department, which was designed on the main body of the facade made of marble stone. With the advice of the experts of Mobtakeran Beton co., the stone facade was removed in the mentioned frames and the GFRC panels were designed and produced in relief and were installed by dry method. The use of GFRC panel instead of marble stone has increased the durability, uniformity of the facade, reduced costs, reduced the risk of stone falling and chipping, and many other advantages for the employer. In addition, due to the fact that the Mobtakeran Beton co. are committed to maintaining the produced molds, the employer pays less for the production and implementation of GFRC panels and receives her services faster.

Location: Mashhad

Client: Awqaf Administration

Year: 2016

Services: Engineering, Design, Production And Implementation Of Facade


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