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Golbahar Modern Building

Golbahar Modern Building

Golbahar Villa is a special and luxury project located in Golbahar city. The architect of this modern project, Kazem Tabari, one of the most well-known architects of Mashhad, has created a new and attractive space by combining irregular geometric forms, water movement and light refraction. The construction of irregular geometric forms has certain complexities and must be done very accurately and delicately. Also, durability and strength were important parameters expected by the architect and client, and for this reason, the GFRC technique was chosen to implement the facade of this project. The architect had a special emphasis on not seeing any joints in the parts, which required the construction of GFRC panels with large dimensions. On the other hand, the irregular form of the panels increased the variety and number of formats, which subsequently increased the costs. The engineering team of the concrete innovators creatively designed only two types of panels with dimensions of 120 x 240 cm in such a way that the arrangement of one of these two types of panels together creates the design requested by the architect and reduces the implementation costs. Also, by placing rails on the top and bottom of the panels, all the joints in the middle of the opening were removed so that the panels have a completely identical view from both sides. GFRC panels have been used in the facade, interior architecture and roof coverings of this project and have created a modern and unique atmosphere for the users.

Location: Golbahar

Client: Mr. Rousta

Year: 2018

Services: Engineering, Design, Production And Implementation Of Facade


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