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Kushk Irani

Kushk Irani

Kushk Irani is a recreation complex in Golbahar city, which was designed and executed by Omran Golbahar Company in 2016. As the name of the project suggests, the space of this project is inspired by authentic Iranian architecture and has elements of this type of architecture in the facade and surrounding walls. Considering the client’s emphasis on maintaining elegance, quality and durability in the construction of these elements, as well as their geometric complexity, the only possible option for the client was to use the GFRC technique. After classifying the panels, the Eastern concrete innovators made the molds and then the parts and also undertook the installation of the GFRC panels. As a result of using GFRC parts in this project, it is a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that dazzles the eyes during sunrise and sunset.

Location: Golbahar

Client: Omran Golbahar Company

Year: 2016

Services: Engineering, Design, Production And Implementation Of Facade


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