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Commercial-Administrative Project

Mehraz Commercial-Administrative Project

The Mehraz commercial project is mirrored in Mashhad’s commercial center. The facade shell architecture comprises more than 20 distinct parts and is constructed in a parametric approach. The panels are 175 in height, 160 cm in width, and 25 cm in 3rd dimension. For this project, the facade engineering was done according to the precise geometry of the panels and the project’s environmental circumstances so that more than 30 panels equal to 100 square meters could be installed in one day. The connecting component, which was specifically built for this project, has made it possible to regulate the panels in three directions. Production of 3d panels with large opening and synchronizing panels during installation required intricate engineering, which our team of experts successfully executed. Due to its unique facade, the Mehraz project has become one of the most outstanding commercial projects in Mashhad, and the play of light and shadow has created a particular environment in its interior design.

Location: Mashhad

Client: Mr. Hashemi Sigari

Year: 2019-2020

Services: Engineering, Design, Production And Implementation Of Facade


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