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Commercial Administrative Project

Shabdiz Commercial Administrative Project

Shabdiz commercial-administrative project belonging to Shabdiz restaurant complex is located on the edge of Vakil Abad Boulevard – one of the most well-known boulevards in Mashhad. This project was designed and built based on authentic Iranian architecture and inspired by Yazd Windmills by the architectural group of Mr. Engineer Ramezani in 2017 and 2018. In a large part of the facade of the Shabdiz project, a straw-shaped shell made of GFRC material has been designed and implemented by the engineering group of Mobtakeran Beton co. The dimensions of the panels are 100 x 180 cm and can be repeated from the sides, which has caused the entire facade to be covered with the lowest possible cost and the least variation of the molds. At the request of the owner of the project, all the panels have been painted and patinated, similar to the stone used in other parts of the facade. The installation of panels has been done by dry method and with the technique of laying rails with the lowest cost and in the fastest time. The special lighting of the GFRC shell at night makes the project twice as beautiful and shines even more.

Location: Mashhad

Client: Mr. Bou-Ali

Year: 2017-2018

Services: Engineering, Design, Production And Implementation Of Facade


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