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What is facade engineering and why is it important?

Simultaneously with the development of new materials and methods for facade implementation, the facade engineering process was formed in construction projects. The main purpose of this engineering process, like other engineering services, is to design and optimize various components. Looking at the implementation details, optimal material selection, pre-implementation simulations, value engineering, planning control and monitoring the correct execution of the facade helps us to create an engineered, economical and efficient facade.
It is more important to carry out the correct and principled shell engineering in certain facades such as GRC (GFRC/GRC). These facades are usually custom-made and produced based on the project conditions, therefore, the prediction of all operational and computational matters in the initial phase of the facade is more important than other dry facades such as ceramics and glass.
Facade engineering gives the client the assurance that the GFRC/GRC parts are produced correctly and all the necessary items for the transportation, installation and rigging of the parts are properly anticipated, and finally the client can have a stable, lasting and Take advantage of it.
Another importance of doing this process is management engineering and cost optimization. The smallest mistakes and negligence in the facade design phase will cause heavy and irreparable costs in the production phase of GRC parts (GFRC/GRC) and implementation of GRC facade (GFRC/GRC). For this reason, employers are strongly advised to pay special attention to the shell engineering phase. Sharq Concrete Innovators Group is one of the few expert groups in the country in GRC/GFRC shell engineering services by using the strongest consulting, calculation and design teams.

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